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Twelfth Night

Opening night was a beautiful high of electricity, smoke and glow sticks. I knew we had a good show, but I didn't quite expect the audience response afterwards -- often, without sitting in the audience yourself, you don't really know what the effect will be on the senses -- and they rose collectively to their feet and applauded afterwards. What a wonderful feeling that was and is!

If you've seen the show and enjoyed it, or think you'd enjoy it, please pass along the information to anyone and everyone else. It's too beautiful (and this is a tribute to all the designers, like kambriel and mayfairemoon and Peacock Blue Designs and Clockwork Couture, who have loaned their artistry to the production's success) to miss. The ephemeral nature of theatre constantly strikes me in the face and gives me that little ache in the gut as I see all these elements come together into something so unique and spectacular... knowing that in a few weeks, it will once more be a bare stage, with a little sawdust and glitter left as the only concrete evidence that it ever was.

Although, that's not quite true, thanks to the artistry of kylecassidy and the souvenir program guide, which is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! At $10 a piece, it's a wonderful way to support the theatre and keep a little piece of the magic in your own home, forever.

Buy tickets here at
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