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trillian_stars's Journal

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28 September
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I live in a very cool house with my husband, the wonderful and talented kylecassidy, and five very cool cats. I am an actor who works most frequently at the amazing Curio Theatre in West Philly.

Because this journal is intended to be public, I won't be writing any deep and meaningful truths, or divulging any dark family secrets or dirty linen. What you see on the surface, is what you'll be getting. That said, please feel free to friend me -- I like being read.

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anti-dieting, charlotte bronte heroines, chipped nail polish, fantasizing about yorkshire, hats with feathers, hennepin the cat, kyle cassidy's food, leather bindings, low maintenance corsetry, pine fresh scent, playing with hoola hoops, pretending to garden, roswell the cat, shadows, sunlight, vintage wear

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